15-40 tennis trading strategy

which many have been using on Betfair for many years now. In a mens game if a server is 15-40 down he is actually, still the favourite to hold serve since men are such strong servers in most cases. The prices were going to be moving rapidly over the next couple of games and no guarantee as to which way. If the set has gone to a tie break wait until one player is 2 mini breaks up (i.e. Wait For The Break. This is definitely a strategy that used to work pretty well but has lost its edge over time. Lets quickly understand how this strategy works.

Scenario 1 is where he pulls back to orhis price will.
This tennis trading strategy is best used when you think that a favourite tennis just coming back from injury, may 15-40 be all that interested in the tournament or is playing a young 15-40 with something to prove.
The 15-40 Method by Tradeshark.
This is based on a scalping method that doesnt require live pictures.

Heres how the match went for. There are far better entry points within a tennis match that have low risks and high rewards and I do detail most of them within Dynamic Tennis Trading. If it doesnt go to plan. I often prefer to hedge manually in this situation. Expected by the markets which means hardly any price move when it does come. Was really struggling to keep my eyes open and decided that the sensible thing to do was to not trade and go to bed, particularly as I had to be up at 630 to take the wife to work. If they missed those chances you would then obviously get out. If you are completely new to Betfair trading, use minimum stakes.