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SMA Price /zQ6P90 chart study PPO (from North V at TOS/TD) /hT2e3M chart study psar with Alerts /5yrvUw chart. But there are also a lot of good free thinkScripts out there that do useful things too. But I wanted to provide a good one-stop resource for people looking for free thinkorswim resources, custom" columns, scanners, chart studies, technical indicators, and strategies for the thinkorswim platform, and this list should definitely do that for you! vIRfvi chart study Volume-by-Price. Hopefully you found some goodies buried in this huge list of resources. TTNql7 chart study label YTD-MTD-WTD percent returns /8ewB8Q *updated* chart study label YTD-MTD-WTD percent returns /OXyWGT chart study label percent off 52-week high. y7xP1x chart study Implied Volatility with horizontal line. . iXm5Zm example of how to add a horizontal line(s) to any chart study /uP6AfE example of how to add a moving average line to any chart study /lZdFsj *updated* note: When in a grid you lose the far top right of chart Last trade, Day. Its an incredible wealth of thinkScripts that should keep you busy for awhile! note: settlement symbols in a label settlement vs prior day close. Phone, subscribe to our Inside Trading Newsletter Today. 1XyUB2, bear /uWbicV watchlist column Extended Hours Last trade price /6IlMBw watchlist column IV percentile (current.

Note: default extends 60 bars into the past, Edit Study from 60 to 1 to only have it extend into the future. yGUo11  chart study (example of work around for being able to access Bid or Ask in a custom chart study) /X3JtZh  chart study fib fan lines /pv4Iep  chart study fib retracements with alerts /XBsqDr  chart study fib time series /hGGaN9  chart study for monthly expiration Friday. . If it makes sense in your situation, I would definitely suggest choosing the option to install for all users, especially if you plan to share or install any thinkScripts in the future. Note: This study works on any stock or ETF symbol to show how much each index has dropped from its 52-week high.

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Download Custom Scans Scanners for ThinkOrSwim. Note: automatic reset is already in this alert but you need to click on tiny padlock to unlock it, and How to Notify to make desired selection /Ci0eVH chart grid Pre-Market view /cG2W4T chart grid Weekend Routine /Errsr8 chart setup Bierman Basic /khnxFi chart setup. Subscribe Now, inside Trading Weekly Newsletter, new Trade Every Wednesday. Hint: apply below 50sma and below 200sma to watchlist of Public S P500 or other index and sort by that column to quickly see how many stocks in that index are currently above/below the 50 or 200 day moving average line watchlist column Bull. So without further ado, here are the ThinkOrSwim download links: Windows 64-Bit: windows 32-Bit: mac OS X: g, ubuntu Linux: Once you complete the download and launch the installer, heres a quick final thought on installation options. How to Install thinkScripts and ThinkOrSwim Downloads First Things First.