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the bottom). Traders using the dividend capture strategy prefer the larger annual dividend payouts, as it is generally easier to make the strategy profitable with larger dividend amounts. Pay Date Company issues dividend payments. In stock trading, a long position comes from buying shares to hold in your account. Finally, any strategy involving short holding periods and thus frequent trading is bound to be weighed down by increased transaction costs, which might substantially reduce profits. The dividend capture strategy offers continuous profit opportunities, since there is at least one stock paying dividends almost every trading day. The authors go on to measure differences in profitability across institutions of varying trade execution skill (low-skill versus high-skill and find a difference of 40 basis points. Abstract: We use institutional trading data to examine whether skilled institutions exploit positive abnormal ex-dividend returns. The Modigliani-Miller model states that the payment of dividends is irrelevant to the market value of a company. Visit performance for information about the performance numbers displayed above. The underlying stock could sometimes be held for only a single day.

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Unfortunately this type of scenario is not consistent in the equity markets, but it underlies the general premise of the strategy. Pay date is the day when the dividend is paid. The following Monday, June 13, the dividend was declared and the share price rose.12. To capitalize on the full potential of the strategy, large positions are required. And finally, theres the pay date; the day on which the dividend is actually paid to eligible shareholders. figure 1: Dividend Timeline, declaration Date Board of directors announces dividend payment. The potential gains from a pure dividend capture strategy are typically small, while excel xml data type currency possible losses can be considerable if a negative market movement occurs within the holding period. In general, as a lot of empirical research has demonstrated, ex-day stock prices decline by an amount less than the dividend. This site provides NO information on our value ETFs or our momentum ETFs. They also find that institutional volume during the event window is almost double than in other periods, which suggests institutions do indeed actively trade during the ex-dividend period. Logo BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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