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be a vocative. They may be more common in Oriental languages. The opposite of hyponym, which describes larger categories, is hypernym. Men 's speech In certain languages (for example, Karajá language men and women use or historically used distinct words and inflected forms. Indeclinable, undeclinable, invariable or invariant In languages with inflection, lacking distinct inflected forms when they would be expected to exist. Szereti Éva a virágokat.

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Derived terms A post- POS heading listing terms in the same language that are morphological derivatives. Examples from various languages may be found from Category:Suppletive verbs by language. Examples include: nominative, accusative, genitive, dative. Vulgar Language considered distasteful or obscene. Compound A word or name that combines two or more words without altering them, such as dishcloth (from dish and cloth ) or keyboard (from key and board ). If it is meaningful, they can take the full range of case and noun suffixes: kit?, miben?, miképp?