making money from forex trading

arbitrary position just because you want to trade a higher lot size, this is greed, and it will come back to bite you much harder than you can possibly. Forum, topics, replies Last Post Info Introduce Yourself here - Let us know you better! When we combine the consistent execution of a risk / reward of 1:2 or larger with a high-probability trading edge like price action, we have the recipe for a very potent Forex trading strategy. The basic idea is to place your stop loss at a level that will nullify the setup if it gets hit, or on the other side of an obvious support or resistance area; this is logical stop placement.

Making money from forex trading
making money from forex trading

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Post your questions here Latest Forex News Feeds 20,209 85,190 Today, 03:07 PM In: Recklessness Is A No, In Forex By: davidblack Autosurf Manual Surf Opportunities (Risky Investment) Need traffic? Chat about everything under the sun in here! Fixed dollar risk model, a trader predetermines how much money they are comfortable with potentially losing per trade and risks that same amount on every trade until they decide to change their risk. For an ordinary trader, the skills of surviving become a vital "must know" requirement to keep own Forex trading accounts "alive" and be able to make profits on top. Do not trust strangers easily. In order to view the full forum, you will need to sign up a free account. So, lets break it down piece by piece. So, risk / reward essentially all boils down to this main point; you have to have the fortitude to set and forget your trades over a large enough series of executions to realize the full power of risk / reward.