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training, do wrong course, etc, you will be just wasting your resources (time, money, energy etc.). Each one is essentially a unique type of options spread, which involves combining multiple positions based on the same underlying security into one overall position. For a list of these please visit this page. We have also devised a very effective tool that you can use to help choose the right strategy based on certain criteria. Trading involves Money mgmt, psychology, risk mgmt, system testing etc which is beyond the scope of this post. But that is not limitation, even if you have never traded stocks.

Watch them in real life, experiment with them using option calculator. If it is done appropriately, then you can start directly in options, without getting into stocks etc. If you know stock trading (better have good track record in stock trading then few initial steps are not required. When the stock market is volatile, for example, stock prices tend to fluctuate quite dramatically, but there's no clear direction for the market as a whole. .

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3) There 6 basic risk graphs in core option and stock strategy. It is the best way to read the support and resisitance of nifty. Trading involves Money management, developing right trading psychology, risk management, developing suitable trading system etc. The first four strategies have a common very powerful technical indicator HAI KIN ashi, which has the inbuilt characteristic of beating the "Market Volatility". 1) To make money in any trading (be it a house, stock, goods, options or anything very first thing to know is the direction of the market. Here we share with you, how to interpret the HAI KIN ashi indicator individually and in combination of other supporting indicators to identify the triggers for entry? He/she know how to work without tools. However, which ones you choose and when will ultimately determine just how successful you are, so it's something that you really need to learn how. 4) For any strategy (including the 6 basic one know how they are constructed, what is max risk, what is max reward, where is break-even point, How the risk graph looks like at expiry, suitable market condition favourable for these strategies. But when they are given the tools, then their performance and efficiency zooms. You can find this tool here. 6) At advance stage, u can look at transition of risk graph from now to final stage at expiry, various option Greeks etc., various strategies that are combination of 6 core strategies.

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