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Insert / Indicators / Custom. Go to the MQL4 Indicators directory and copy the TSF file / files, Time Series Forecast. Then find the file folder of the trading terminal there and open. In contrast to MA, the forecast of the time series follows the schedule without lagging or almost without. If you have what is forex exchange trading MetaTrader. Reviews Ratings, recommended Brokers, related stories: 5 Responses to The Time Series Forecast Indicator: Its About Time! The easiest way is from the most reliable to use TSF as a signal line in combination with either the second TSF line but for a longer period, or with the usual moving average. That is, the indicator predicts how the market will behave, based on calculations for a set period.

TSF, the Time Series Forecast indicator, consists of linear regression measurements using the Least Squares method.
Linear regression is a statistical tool for forecasting future Forex market values comparing to past values.
TSF, Time Series Forecast is a technical analysis indicator showing the dynamics of the last point of the trend regression line at each individual time.
It sounds complicated, but in reality, everything is simple.

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Close the deal when the price closed below the big moving average. Stop Loss put on 3-5 points below the previous local extremum;. Select TSF, Time Series Forecast. Time Series Forecast Indicator, the TSF line, the Time Series Forecast (Forecast of time series) is considered by the method of least squares. If it turns around, then the market will go in the same direction. The forecast of time series (TSF, Time Series Forecast) is not included in the standard equipment of MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. A list of indicators appears.

Look again: The forecast of the time series. The set of these points is the TSF curve. When building your own trading system, use several indicators.