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published on September 4, 2016 In late 2010 we reported our view that forex company business plan pdf there would be a significant meltdown. He claims to have forecasted this and that, so show us the evidence Martin. Despite fundamentals that might seem counterintuitive (lower rates across the globe with increasing pressure to raise rates in the US; a modest period of economic gains in the US relative to much of the globe it is entirely possible for the dollar to enter. Check into every single precious metal dealer and you will see that their one-sided bull shit sales pitch is designed specifically to convince you that your financial safety relies on you buying gold and silver. Opening Statement from the June 2017 ccpm Forecaster Opening Statement from the June 2017 ccpm Forecaster Originally published on June 4, Revisiting US Dollar Weakness We have been forecasting weakness in the US dollar since early 2017. Up until recently the current economic expansion had been the third-longest since the post-war period. Currently, the US stock market is at the bottom of the longer-term trading range we have remained focused on for more than one year. During the first half of December, high-yield debt markets faced a severe selloff largely due to liquidity concerns. Namely, public trust in the so-called "mainstream" media and establishment has faded over this period due to many lies that have been exposed. . Wouldn't that be a more effective and more profiable way to boost viewership and thus ad revenues? . After numerous months of disinflation, inflation is now trending up, albeit modestly.

And it's contributing to the fake news epidemic. This could be the single most comprehensive commodities research publication in the. 3) I am the only financial professional in the world to have written a book (Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, early 2007) that advised investors to short the sub-prime mortgage stocks, banks world bank of canada foreign exchange rate history and homebuilders. In the days prior to the release of the February issue, the selloff in oil once again extended into the equities markets. Similar to the typical email marketing video scam, this one was designed to lure naive, lazy and greedy people into their racket. . This forecast was announced in late 2013. . And yes, we have subscribers since that time. Although I recognized early on that Martenson was a charlatan seeking to assemble a cult of naive do-gooders; liberal types who wanted to save the world and stop "climate change I never would have guessed he'd stoop so low as to partner up with Agora. The only way to invest is to be informed. Moreover, the US capital markets remain the safest by a long shot, offering the best risk-adjusted returns in the world.

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