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Quarterly Government Finance Statistics Guide for Compilers and Users This Guide is a reference for compilers and users of Government Finance Statistics. It updates the fifth edition (BPM5) that was released in 1993. It includes an additional nine data categories. It is classified as a member of the Latin America and Caribbean. Exchange rates may be expressed as the average rate for a period of time or as the rate at the end of the period. Western Union, Singapore: In 2015, migrants sent home 441 billion almost three times the total value of official development assistance (photo: iStock by GettyImages). Use this database to find data on national accounts, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, fiscal indicators, trade for countries and country groups (aggregates and commodity prices whose data are reported by the IMF. Also available in Arabic Chinese French Spanish Russian More Producer Price Index (PPI) Manual The manual measures the rate at which the prices of producer goods and services are changing overtime. Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014 The Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014 (gfsm 2014) describes the macroeconomic statistical framework (the GFS framework) designed to support fiscal analysis.

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Versions of the Manual in other languages will follow in due course. More Export and Import Price Index (xmpi) Manual The manual contains detailed, comprehensive information and explanations for compiling xmpis. It identifies main changes in BPM6 on which methodological advice and recording treatment will be provided in the Updated External Debt Statistics Guide (2013). In the context of DGI-1, Recommendation 7 on Securities Statistics called "for central banks and, where relevant, statistical offices, particularly those of the G-20 economies, to participate in the BIS data collection on securities and contribute to the further development of the Handbook on Securities. Back to Top Real Sector Statistics Quarterly National Accounts Manual2017 Edition The manual provides conceptual and practical guidance for compiling quarterly national accounts statistics. IMF Financial Activities Weekly Summary report of financial assistance to member countries. More, financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs provides data and detailed metadata reported on a regular basis by a first batch of member countries for 12 core and 28 encouraged FSIs. More Handbook on Residential Property Price Indices The Residential Property Prices Indices (rppis) are index numbers measuring the rate at which the prices of residential properties are changing over time. More International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity: Guidelines for a Data Template Provides operational advice to IMF member countries that are subscribers to the Special Data Dissemination Standard regarding how to complete the prescribed (mandatory) monthly Data Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity. Meeting of the IMF Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (gfsac) The newly established IMF Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (gfsac) promotes the development of high quality government finance statistics (GFS) and related guidance and helps enhance the analytical usefulness of GFS data, including in IMF. It focuses on the publication of data and metadata through a standardized platform, the National Summary Data Page, supported by modern IT technology. Provides comprehensive access to IFS, bops, dots, GFS and free access to a range of additional IMF datasets.

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