standard chartered credit card currency rate

undertakings about and does not endorse, recommend or approve the contents of the 3rd Party Website. Trading is conducted to maximize profit from the residual risk. We work hand in hand with colleagues in Trade Finance, credit etc to structure solutions for clients in all areas. Use of the 3rd Party Website will be entirely at your own risk, and subject to the terms of the 3rd Party Website, including those relating to confidentiality, data privacy and security. You benefit from fixed future exchange rates, which provides protection against subsequent adverse exchange rate movements in the spot foreign exchange market. Currency, unit, sell TT / OD, buy.

Standard Chartered offers wide range of foreign currency exchange rates facilities.
Whether you are travelling to see the world, meet your loved.
Tariffs and Charges for all Credit Cards offered by Standard Chartered India.
For withdrawals using the teller facility at our Branches, an additional fee.

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The deposit is particularly suitable if you have intentions to convert your base currency into another currency at an exchange rate (conversion rate) chosen by you at the maturity of your deposit. Thank you for visiting our page, by clicking "Proceed you will be confirming that you have read and agreed to the terms herein and in the Bank's. Important Legal Notices will prevail. FX Options Digitals with a Fixed Strike are derivative instruments of generic spot and forward foreign exchange. Important Legal Notices, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited shall have no responsibility or liability in connection with the content of or the consequences of accessing the 3rd Party Website, including any virus arising from or system failure associated with the 3rd Party Website. European Vanilla Options, the owner of an FX Option with Fixed Strike pays an upfront indicator forex freedom premium for the right, without obligation, to exchange a specified amount of one currency for a specified amount of another currency. Foreign Currency Deposits, we accept deposits in major foreign currencies and pay attractive rates of interest.

standard chartered credit card currency rate

The Foreign Currency Time Deposit Rates (Rates) set out above are for refere nce only. The Rates are updated on a regular basis, and are subject to change.

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