forex lot size calculator mt4

case, cyan background is combined with green and red candlesticks. Stop-Loss Line Color (default clrLime) color of the stop-loss line. It has everything I need including the possibility to place pending buy sell orders. TP Label Font Color (default clrYellow) font color for take-profit line label. 2.00 First version of PSC with graphical panel interface.

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Re-start your MT4 platform. Can be useful if you prefer not to set stop-loss for some of your trades. Added input parameter for additional funds to be applied to the account size.

Take-Profit Line Color (default clrYellow) color of the take-profit line. Pip value per calculated position size. ShowMargin (default false) if true, then margin information for the planned position will be shown. 2.04 Added DPI scaling for high-resolution displays. Download Now, for those who binary options trading free do not own any iOS device, and yet wishes to have the convenience of lot size calculation, do not fret. Magic number Magic number that will be assigned to the orders and positions opened using the script.

Yearly swap per lot swap paid or charged by a broker for long and short positions in account currency per lot. Disable trading when lines are hidden a simple checkbox to prevent script from opening a position when you have chosen to hide the lines via the Main tab. Line_height (default 15) line height for output. Monthly Plan.99 EUR per month, personal license, for unlimited demo accounts, for unlimited real accounts.