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help maintain the safety efficiency, and effectiveness of air travel. GetEducateds Pick Police Officer Salary: 61,600 Job Outlook: 7 Number of Jobs : 807,000 By protecting lives and property, police officers allow our society to function properly. Lawyer, average Base Salary: 120,424, number of Job Openings: 5520. The position, however, is expected to decline by 8, losing as many as 22,600 jobs between 20(But there are nearly 300,000 jobs, so opportunities are there.) GetEducateds Picks Nuclear Medicine Technologist Salary: 74,350 Job Outlook: 10 Number of Jobs : 20,100 This profession works. GetEducateds Pick Paralegal Salary: 49,500 Job Outlook: 15 Number of Jobs : 285,600 Not only is the career of a paralegal very profitable, it generally requires only an associate degree to enter the field. What is an Associate's Degree? This figure doesnt include any grants or scholarships you might earn while in attendance. The Medical Field The medical field is easily one of the fastest-growing sectors in the American job market. However, there are many alternatives to the four-year path. Although they punjabi to urdu dictionary free download pdf can take longer or shorter to complete, depending on the pace of study, they are generally half the workload of a four-year bachelors degree. The position requires highly-specific training, which can usually be acquired through a two-year degree. Job openings represents active job listings and/or jobs posted within the last three months, as of 2/2/15.

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A sonographer will be specially trained in the use of an ultrasonic imaging device, which uses sound waves and vibrations to create an image of a specified organ. Account executive Spencer Platt / Getty Images Pay: 100,000 Sample job description: Remote, full-time job. If you take a strategic approach and apply to the right positions, you will likely make it to the next phase: the interview. If youre like most people, you probably think about four-year programs. . Its the job of a computer programmer to create this code. Printing and related jobs will drop by 73, and foundries are expected to see a 25 drop in overall employment. The BLS even issued a special report detailing how an associate degree can advance your career. According the the BLS, all states require proper licensing and the career will grow by a potential 2026. Physician Assistant Average Base Salary: 110,871 Number of Job Openings: 43678. They are, therefore, about half the price of a bachelors degree, and sometime significantly cheaper than that because associates degrees are often provided by more affordable community colleges. GetEducateds Pick Funeral Service Worker Salary: 54,830 Job Outlook: 5 Number of Jobs : 54,400 This career combines training in ethics, science, law, and many other areas, but it is possible to enter the position of a funeral service worker with as little.

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